For the academic year 2022-23 the Department of Languages and Literatures will award scholarships to students studying Cherokee, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Announcement to submit applications will be sent out soon!


Not graduating in May 2023

How to Apply:

A. Submit a cover letter with the following information. (Write your Student ID – not your name on it.)
1. What language(s) are you taking?
2. Are you pursuing a concentration or a minor?
3. Do you have plans for study abroad or study away in the next 2 years?
4. When are you planning to graduate?
5. Are you planning to attend any of these programs?

  • Internship in Saumur

6. How many hours are you going to be enrolled in the Fall?
7. Have you previously received one of our Department scholarships? If so, when?

B. Write on a separate page a 500 word personal statement (in English) in which you address the following questions:
1. Why is it important that the Department consider you for this scholarship?
2. What interests you about the language you are studying?
3. How will language skills and intercultural understanding help you achieve your academic and professional goals?
4. Do you have plans to continue developing your linguistic and intercultural competency upon completing your studies here at UNCA? Explain how.
(Questions inspired by George Mason University Critical Language Scholarship)

Criteria for Evaluating Applicants

  • Evidence of passion for/commitment to intercultural education.
  • Creativity and clarity of expression.

Directions: Submit your materials via email to Tabby Price, by March 27, 2023. In order that your essay be anonymous to the review committee, please do not include your name on the materials; just write it in the body of your email.


The Henry Stern Award in Foreign Languages
The Ruth Campbell Reynolds Scholarship
The Dr. Marcel C. Andrade Scholarship in Foreign Languages

The Christopher Hajek Scholarship
The Department of Foreign Languages Scholarship