The department offers a wide range of experiential learning opportunities to enhance formal language and cultural studies, and encourages students to engage in study abroad, clubs internships, and service learning sponsored by UNC Asheville and other universities. Students have studied in Europe and South America and, in almost all cases, have received academic credit for their experience. They are regularly sent for a semester or summer study to Spain and France, where UNC Asheville has formal exchange relationships with universities in Granada, Santander and Valladolid, Spain and Angers, France.

Faculty members are either native speakers of the language they teach or have extensive experience abroad, and most travel regularly overseas. A favorable teacher-student ratio facilitates small classes and provides students with personalized instruction. There are no teaching assistants.

A bachelor’s degree in any foreign language offered at UNC Asheville is excellent preparation for teaching positions and careers in business and industry. One of our graduates has found employment with the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Several majors have won Fulbright Scholarships for study abroad. Many others have gone on to graduate school. Majoring in Languages and Literatures combined with other disciplines such as management, chemistry, political science are excellent preparation for graduate studies or and any number of careers.

Concentrations & Minors

  • French
  • French Minor
  • German
  • German Minor
  • Spanish
  • Spanish Minor

We also offer courses in Cherokee and Portuguese.

Declaration of Major or Minor

Students can declare their major or minor online.

Please talk with the department chair about taking the appropriate placement exam before declaring your major.

Course Descriptions and Major/Minor Requirements

Review the course requirements in the UNC Asheville Course Catalog for all Languages and Literatures concentrations and minors.



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