Mission and Student Learning Outcomes


The Department of Languages and Literatures provides instruction in the language, literature and cultures of French, German, Spanish speaking lands to students, faculty and staff and the community at large. We also offer coursework in Portuguese at the introductory or intermediate level, and Cherokee at the introductory level, beginning Fall 2016.  To carry out their tasks effectively, faculty members dedicate themselves to ongoing growth in their disciplines, through travel, presentation and publication of research as well as engaging in undergraduate research with students.  The major achieves a high degree of competence in these languages, cultures and literatures in the broader context of the liberal arts, while examining questions of permanent human significance in relation to the individual and the local and global community and preparing for a career.

Student Learning Outcomes

Our Student Learning Outcomes consist of five areas on which our students are assessed prior to graduation:

  1. Communication: Students will develop interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communication skills in another language.
  2. Culture: Students will develop knowledge and demonstrate understanding of the relationship among products, practices, and perspectives of cultures other than their own.
  3. Comparisons: Students will demonstrate understanding of the nature of language and the concept of culture by comparing their native language and culture to others.
  4. Connections: Students will make connections to a variety of disciplines in order to acquire and analyze information available through the target language and its cultures.
  5. Communities: Students will use the target language within and beyond the academic setting for personal, educational, and professional growth and enrichment.