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UNC Asheville alumna Davi Cheshire didn’t have to go far from campus to find her chance to change the world.

Cheshire graduated from UNC Asheville in May 2019 with a double major in sociology and Spanish. She now works for BeLoved Asheville, a non-profit organization working to help and change the Asheville community through unique ideas targeting social issues.

“BeLoved is an intersectional community working to solve problems like homelessness, poverty, and racism, using the skills and assets that we bring as individuals and collectively to connect the dots that often aren’t connected by the systems that are already in place, ” Cheshire said.

Cheshire started working with BeLove as an intern through the UNC Asheville Sociology Department.

Learn more: https://www.unca.edu/events-and-news/stories/unc-asheville-alumna-davi-cheshire-is-changing-the-asheville-community/